Hekasoft 10th Anniversary!

Since 2012 Hekasoft provides free, safe and reliable software focused on safety, ease of use, and lightness.

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Hekasoft Backup & Restore

The perfect solution to backup, migrate and optimize your favorite browser data.

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Free text editor for Windows. Hekapad will constantly backup your work, so you will never lose it.

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Hekasoft PassKeeper

Hekasoft PassKeeper is a free password manager that allow you to store your passwords in an encrypted database.

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Hekasoft Pass Generator

Extension for Chrome and Firefox that generates a personalized and secure password.

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3 Key points



There are already so many complicated things in life, software shouldn’t be. That’s why Hekasoft software are designed to be as easy as possible. If you have any questions you can contact me.



A software should be as clear as possible, that’s why Hekasoft’s software are available in as many languages as possible. If your language is not present you can request a translation via the contact form on the site.


Safe and reliable

The software is designed and tested to ensure maximum safety during its use.

The privacy and security of the users are at the first place for Hekasoft.


Software solutions that are easy to use and affordable for everyone

My name is Claudio Masci, I’m an Italian software developer.

I’ve created Hekasoft in 2012 to promote my software. Initially I had developed a program called “Profile Backup & Restore”, which I used to backup my Firefox profile.

After using it personally and sharing it first with friends and then online in Italy, it turned out to be very useful for other people and for this reason I decided to improve it and translate it into different languages. I changed the name of the program calling it “Hekasoft Backup & Restore” and in a short time Hekasoft was born.


Useful Tips and News

  • Problema con il backup delle estensioni di Google Chrome

    Problema con il backup delle estensioni di Google Chrome

    Il Problema Google Chrome, e tutti i browser basati su Chrome (tra i quali: Comodo Dragon, Vivaldi ecc.) negli ultimi aggiornamenti hanno aggiunto una funzione che controlla le estensioni, che elimina qualsiasi estensione che non sia stata scaricata direttamente dal browser con il profilo in uso. Con questo controllo qualsiasi metodo di backup esterno non […]

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  • Come effettuare il backup del profilo di Firefox

    Come effettuare il backup del profilo di Firefox

    Con Hekasoft Backup & Restore è molto semplice effettuare il backup del profilo di Firefox. Puoi farlo in 3 semplici passaggi. Passo 1 Clicca sulla lista a fianco di “Seleziona il software” w scegli “Mozilla Firefox”. Passo 2 Seleziona Backup. Passo 3 Clicca sul pulsante Avvia. Ora puoi selezionare dove salvare il tuo backup, puoi […]

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