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Donate to support Hekasoft


I’m a single developer, and keeping Hekasoft has a pretty high annual cost.
Renew the servers on which it resides, purchase the licenses to use the development software, dedicate time to development by giving up something else that could be more profitable.
I want to keep the software free and I’ve been doing it for years (since 2012) but if you use my software and want to help me in their development, a donation is the best way to do it.

How Much?

It’s up to you to decide, any donation is welcome, regardless of the amount. However, it represents an aid to continue in the development of Hekasoft branded software.


You can donate or via PayPal to or filling the form below (here you can choose debit or credit card payment).
Alternatively you can send me an Amazon Gift Card at
Or buy me something from my Amazon Wishlist.

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